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Cut-price luggage carrier Sendmybag launches new Irish website

Adam Ewart
Adam Ewart

By Lesley Houston

Independent Co Down luggage carrier has launched an Irish website to provide a cut-price service in the facing of rising airline premiums.

Sendmybag, established by young Bangor businessman Adam Ewart, aims to send 30,000 bags from Ireland to destinations across the world after successfully exploiting the student market.

In the past year, the luggage carrying company has delivered over 100,000 bags and parcels to over 90 countries worldwide on over 200 routes from the UK.

And now it is casting its net even further after launching its new Irish website at the weekend. The door-to-door baggage service allows people to ship baggage at cheaper rates than those charged by airlines such as Ryanair.

In fact, Mr Ewart said he believed Sendmybag could soon feature on airline websites as a separate means of sending luggage.

Mr Ewart said: "This is a worldwide industry trend but it's simply not feasible for everyone to travel with no luggage and as such in the US airline revenue from baggage has grown from $400m (£289m) to nearly $4bn in the last four years.

"The key to all this is that fees are simply going up and up, none of the airlines want luggage. It's one big expensive hassle," he said.

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"Sendmybag is the better value, hassle free alternative to travelling with what you want – a luggage delivery company, specialising in affordable luggage shipping.

"No more excess baggage fees, wrestling with hand baggage allowances or leaving stuff behind," he said.

Airlines, coach and rail companies already use Sendmybag in the case of lost luggage, as well as a number of independent travel agents throughout the UK, Europe and the United States.

He said he envisages a day when airlines feature Sendmybag on their websites at the "add baggage" section of a booking.

"I am certain that they will be offering a Sendmybag option on their websites within 18 months," he said.

Sendmybag, based at Hamilton Road in Bangor, now employs 12 people. The company was originally aimed at the 3,000 students travelling from Northern Ireland to mainland Great Britain when it first began five years ago.

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