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Dale Farm targeting health food market

By Staff Reporter

The growing demand for high protein foods has provided a new opportunity for Northern Ireland's biggest dairy producer, Dale Farm.

The company has secured a contract to supply Asda's NI stores with its fat-free quark soft cheese, which won gold at the recent World Cheese Awards.

Made using cows' milk sourced from local dairy farmers, quark can be used in savoury or sweet dishes. It's popular in northern and eastern Europe but is growing in popularity in the UK where it's seen as a health food.

Jason Hempton, commercial director for branded products at Dale Farm, said: "Quark is evidence of our strategy over the next three years to develop a range of health-focussed, nutritionally valuable dairy products, which can easily be included in everyday cooking. Consumers are asking for high-protein products - and quark has 11g of protein per 100g serving."

Last year, Dale Farm introduced Protein Milk, a protein-enriched milk drink aimed at younger, health-conscious consumers. The company said it was also working on plans for a high protein yoghurt.

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