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Danske bank digital hub to help out small businesses in Northern Ireland

By Staff Reporter

Danske Bank has launched a new digital hub aimed at helping small businesses in Northern Ireland. The scheme will provide a source of information and resources designed to help budding entrepreneurs navigate the challenges of running a small firm. The hub includes interactive business tools, a blog and videos featuring ideas and insights from other successful companies.

Richard Caldwell, managing director of business banking at Danske Bank, said: "Northern Ireland has a rich history of invention and innovation.

"Small businesses are the lifeblood of the economy and we at Danske Bank are keen to support them.

"The rate of growth in the small business sector here, however, is slower than it should be compared to other parts of the UK. There are many potential reasons for this slower than expected growth, with the Federation of Small Businesses identifying concerns like taxation costs, compliance, regulation, business rates and delayed payments.

"With our new online hub we are aiming to help businesses consider these issues, to encourage more business start-ups, and to help existing businesses identify and create opportunities for growth."

Oscar Woolley of Suki Tea, which is one of the first local entrepreneurs to get involved in the scheme, said: "When we launched Suki Tea one of the things that helped us the most was the strong culture of support within Northern Ireland's business community.

"There are many small business owners who have trodden that path before and are happy to share the benefit of their experience."

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