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David Cameron 'sorry' Boris Johnson not part of campaign to stay in EU


David Cameron is "sorry Boris isn't on the In side"

David Cameron is "sorry Boris isn't on the In side"

David Cameron is "sorry Boris isn't on the In side"

David Cameron has said he is "sorry" Boris Johnson is not on his side in the increasingly bitter Brexit battle.

With six ministers in his top team campaigning against Government policy on the EU, the Prime Minister has spoken of his "frustration" at the open divisions within Cabinet.

"Of course it's frustrating, and I'm sorry Boris isn't on the In side. Because, as he said before, he's never been an 'Outer'. So, of course, I'm sorry about that.

"But, of course, it's frustrating, and, of course, I don't like having senior colleagues on different sides of the argument.

"I didn't want that, but it is a subject of sufficient importance there was always going to be some of that.

"I'll leave it to Boris to explain what he's doing; he can explain that himself. I don't have to," Mr Cameron told GQ.

The Prime Minister launched a scathing attack on Mr Johnson when he opted for the Leave camp as Mr Cameron made it clear he believed the ex-London mayor had taken the decision for personal political advantage, not due to principles.

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Mr Cameron also warned that the outcome of the referendum would impact on voters for a lifetime.

"It is such an important and big question that I think the result is something that people can see settling this issue for a generation, possibly for a lifetime.

"We made a choice 41 years ago. I think it's right that we make another choice. Europe has changed and of course people will go on having arguments.

"But it's a very big question and, once answered, politicians will have to accept the verdict of the people, whatever it is, and then deliver it," Mr Cameron said.

The Prime Minister accused the Leave camp of being unable to make up its mind on what a post-Brexit UK would be like.

"The Out campaign have gone from saying they want Norway-style arrangements to Canada-style to talking about Albania-style, because apparently Albania has a great trading position with Europe.

"Well, actually, it doesn't, funnily enough. It has quotas on its fish exports, if you really want to know.

"But comparing Britain, the fifth largest economy in the world, to Albania, a desperately poor country queuing up to get into the EU, is a ludicrous thing to do," Mr Cameron said.

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