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Day to mark vocational qualifications

Employment Minister Sir Reg Empey has called on colleges, employers and training providers to get involved in vocational qualifications (VQ) Day.

The event, to be held on June 23, celebrates the achievement of those who gain a vocational qualification, and highlights the paths to success taken by learners of all ages. An awards ceremony will be held in Belfast.

Sir Reg said: “Vocational qualifications provide tangible benefits to individuals and employers as well as creating a firm foundation for future success.

“VQ Day serves not only to recognise the hard work of colleges, students and employers in Northern Ireland, but to highlight the vital role of quality assured and regulated vocational qualifications.”

He said the importance of skills could not be overstated in the present economic climate.

“Learners must equip themselves with the skill sets demanded by employers, who in turn must recognise the crucial role that they have to play in shaping workforce development. The reward will be a modern, dynamic workforce which will drive our economy forward.”

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