Belfast Telegraph

Days are numbered for the Queen's accountant

By Margaret Canning

Leopold Bloom, the put-upon accountant in Mel Brook's film and musical The Producers, dreamed of putting on Broadway shows when debit and credit columns became too dull to bear.

While such a trajectory is unusual, an interesting vacancy has arisen for a regal number cruncher after Sir Michael Peat - the man credited with transforming the Windsor financial affairs - announced he would be moving on. The one-time accountant, whose grandpa was a founder of KPMG, helped negotiate changes with the Treasury on how 'the Firm' is funded. At 61, Sir Michael is thought to want to return to the private sector. As the man who got the Queen to start paying tax, his ability to get things done is sure to be welcomed in any corporation. One eagerly awaits a movie in the mould of Oscar-nominated The King's Speech about Sir Michael's impact on the family fortunes.

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