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December Edition of Business Month

Editor's note

By David Elliott

Welcome to the December edition of Business Month. We've a veritable feast of business news and insight for you this month, kicking of with a look behind the scenes at one of our most successful creative companies to be born on these shores in recent years.

Colin Williams has proved that business doesn't have to be grey and with a little imagination and creativity can grow to be a force to be reckoned with amongst some of the best in the world, even if you are working with puppets.

We take another look at the much-talked about but rarely explained third sector to find how much of a contribution it's making to the Northern Ireland economy by taking a stance which dyed-in-the-wool business brains would probably baulk at.

Our other Focus on... section asks a question of the IT world which we'd all like to know the answer to but were too scared to ask: just what do all those Java scripters and C++ developers really do?

Elsewhere we go for a cuppa at the Donegore Tea Rooms, hear from a primary school teacher who's making it big in the business world, head to Cuba to find out the delights of VInales, test drive South Korea's finest new car, lunch with a hotelier and find out where The Chairman's dinner jacket has been over the last few weeks.

With all this we hope to give you an insight to the Northern Ireland business world at a time when we're on the cusp of celebrating a return to economic normality, one we dearly hope won't be ruined by a return to the days when normal consisted of bombs, road blocks and protests.

With a collective will we can make sure the new norm has no place for such disruption.

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