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Delivery Services: How we delivered results by targeting our niche market

Removals specialist Richard Hill tells Rebecca Kincade how his company survived the recession and picked up a top award

When you own a company, one of the most beneficial things you can do is develop a niche. By targeting a certain area of your sector, marketing to those potential customers and letting your results speak for themselves, you can make sure that your company stands out from your competitors. This is exactly what Belfast-based Delivery Services have managed to do, by taking their experience in removals and directing it towards the specialised area of relocations in libraries and education facilities.

Richard Hill, managing director of Delivery Services, took on what was an existing company in 2002, believing that his background in project management, contracting and logistics would help him to make a success of his business.

“Since I took on the company, we have noticed the commercial moving services aspect of the business has grown significantly, particularly the specialist area of library relocation. The downturn in the construction sector, particularly in NI, combined with the downturn in the local economy has led to stagnant property development. However, we have managed to develop and export our services in the education sector to keep us afloat throughout the recession.”

Based on its previous experience of working with a premier library mover in America, Delivery Services has created a package for this specialist process, which involves intense preparation, expert training and bespoke equipment.

“Our first major book move was probably the largest relocation project of its kind in Northern Ireland to date. The move of 1.2 million volumes from four campus locations to the new, ‘state of the art’ McClay Library was planned and executed in 2009. This was the culmination of a meticulous 12-month planning period and our innovative moving technology allowed us to deliver this challenging project ahead of schedule.”

Delivery Services was recently recognised for quality in this area by the British Association of Removers (BAR), when it was named the Commercial Mover of the Year 2011. The award, which is highly respected due to its tough judging techniques, saw the entrants faced with a judging panel consisting of a member of the BAR board of directors, two representatives from the Facilities Management Industry and a representative from the Quality Services Standards Ltd.

Other finalists for the award included large, well-known UK- based companies such as Pickfords and Reloc8 and, as a relatively small company based in Belfast, Delivery Services were shown to punch above their weight.

Mr Hill commented on the significance of this award: “The Delivery Services team is truly delighted to have achieved national recognition for our service and it is all the more satisfying when it is through such a rigorously judged competition which is based on customer testimonial and audit of quality assurance.”

With a library relocation project beginning soon at Napier University in Edinburgh, this company is making sure that its niche area is working to its advantage, and that the benefits of this service are being felt across the UK.

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