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Denroy Plastics joins forces with medical firm to upgrade product

John Rainey

Co Down plastics firm Denroy has joined a medical supplies firm in Belfast to update a best-selling product for treating haemorrhoids.

Around 380,000 units of the Denroy and Haemoband Surgicals' Haemoband are already sold in over 50 countries.

The new Haemoband Plus features a new applicator which makes it easier to use. It's made in a 'clean room' constructed by Denroy as part of a £3m investment last year.

The original product was created by Haemoband founders Essam Ghareeb, a surgeon, and Colin Foster, a specialist in medical devices, in 2005.

John Rainey, chairman of Denroy Plastics, said: "Having helped the company to realise their initial concept in 2005, we were overjoyed to be included in the latest part of their journey.

"As plastic experts, our workload within the medical sector is growing, hence our decision to create a purpose built facility (clean room) to help us expand our operations."

Denroy Group manufactures a range of plastics products, from the Denman Hairbrush to components for the aerospace sector.

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