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Derry City of Culture firm to fill 20 posts

By Donna Deeney

Twenty people are being sought to form a City of Culture Company in Londonderry.

The recruitment drive, which starts next week, will be followed by further opportunities in the construction and tourism sector according to Oonagh McGillion, temporary director of development with Derry City Council.

Ms McGillion said the initial positions would include roles in finance, admin, promotions, communicating and marketing.

“We are now in the position where we will be advertising for an initial 20 positions that will go to form a City of Culture Company.

“These initial places will be expanded as 2013 nears, so even there we will see employment opportunities, but of course that will only be the beginning.”

Ms McGillion said private sector interest has “snowballed” since the announcement.

“This has shown itself in concrete terms in that people are fast forwarding plans to create budget and boutique hotels and have other follow-on business in place by 2013,” she said.

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