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Designer locks sights on global marketplace

With socres of patent applications in place, Robert Service's door restrictor looks set to rule the world, says Rebecca Kincade

Kitchen-fitter-turned-product-designer Robert Service launched his innovative Secure-Ring door restrictor earlier this year and already it is being hailed as the answer to one of the biggest issues in crime prevention by the Association of Chief Police Officers.

Around eight years ago Mr Service bought two quad bikes for his children for Christmas. However, at the time he expressed concern to the retailer over how easily they could be stolen.

“I set about developing an anchor for the quads which would reduce the risk of theft and since then my knowledge of product design has flourished. I tend to look at the common sense approach to design, investigating the reasons why the problem exists.”

Word soon spread about Mr Service’s abilities to come up with quick-thinking solutions to household problems and it wasn’t long before he was getting requests from friends and family.

“I was asked by an elderly neighbour to come up with an idea for a door chain for a uPVC door as they couldn’t find anything to suit. I spoke with some retailers and discovered that there was a market for the product and that was the start of the Secure-Ring.”

Mr Service was aware that without Secured-By Design approval his product wouldn’t succeed, so he set about organising a meeting with the relevant people in the Police Service of Northern Ireland headquarters.

The police endorse Secured-By-Design products when they meet their required level of testing. In November 2010 Secure-Ring became the world’s only police accredited door restrictor.

“During the testing process the Secure-Ring has to withstand an attack using a 30kg weight being swung at the door in an open position. Secured-By Design approval takes a company to a new level, setting it out from its competitors, and it is recognised in Holland, Germany, Australia and the US,” said Mr Service.

With an international patent application in place in more than 140 countries Mr Service is taking all necessary steps to protect his product and his potential market.

Over the next 12 months he intends to expand into those countries which recognise his Secured-By Design licence as well as launch new products into the home security range.

It appears that those quad bikes won’t be going anywhere while Mr Service is in charge.

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