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DETI unveils its three-year plan to make massive budget cost-savings

The Department of Enterprise, Trade and Investment (DETI) has outlined plans to cut millions from its budget.

The NI Executive's 'Draft Budget 2011-15' was announced by the Minister for Finance and Personnel last month and now the Department of Enterprise Trade and Investment's own spending and saving proposals over the period 2011-15 have been unveiled.

The department has identified a range of actions to achieve the savings of £1.1m in year one, up to £3.3m in 2015, including a reduction in payroll, administration and marketing programmes in Tourism Ireland Ltd and a reduction in operating costs in the cross-border business development body InterTradeIreland.

DETI proposed to partner with councils to undertake petroleum licensing inspections within the Fuel -amp; Oil Liaison Unit.

There are also proposals for a reduction in IT support at DETI Corporate Services and a reduction in consultancy expenditure in the Finance -amp; EU Programmes wing.

A reduction in previously planned expenditure on telecoms policy has also been mooted.

A spokesperson for DETI said: "In order to determine those savings that would be selected to enable the department to meet its spending proposals, a 'long list' of savings options was developed.

"The relative severity and impact of each option was then assessed to enable the Departmental Board to prioritise and identify savings options to enable the department to take forward its essential services.

"Key factors that informed the assessment were the likely impact on frontline services and the department's staffing levels."

A public consultation period on the plans closes on February 9.