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Diageo's Smart Serve website gives advice on selling alcohol

A new website aims to help small shop and bar owners sell alcohol responsibly. Smart Serve, from Diageo and Pubs of Ulster, is available online and consists of three modules.

These include enforcing the legal drinking age, preventing drink driving and creating the right environment.

Chief executive of Pubs of Ulster, Colin Neil, said: "Growing local businesses is critical, and we also know we have a duty to our members and the communities to ensure that we serve and sell alcohol in a responsible way.

"That means never selling or serving alcohol to people underage – just one of the tools that Smart Serve helps," he added.

Head of responsible drinking at Diageo Ireland, Gemma Bell, said: "We know how important partnering with our own customers is at that point they meet with consumers in shops or bars around the world.

"That is why we have invested in creating Smart Serve."

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