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Discount has bookings up at taxi firm

By Margaret Canning

A Belfast taxi company said bookings have gone up by nearly 10% after it introduced a controversial discount scheme.

Fonacab said its discount card promotion for 25% off short journeys had led to a 9% increase in bookings in its first week.

The company said it had received 1,000 online requests for discount cards since launching the scheme on June 7.

But the firm's self-employed drivers criticised the discount scheme - though the company claimed talk of a strike was a rumour started by "competitors".

William McCausland, managing director of Fonacab, said feedback from "the majority of drivers" over the discount card was positive. "They are now seeing a noticeable increase in work and takings because of the promotion. We appreciate that this promotion is a new concept and we would like to thank all those drivers who have supported us in introducing and successfully implementing the discount scheme."

He said the introduction of the cards followed research which showed price was the main reason potential customers did not use their service.

"In early June we introduced a 25% discount card targeted at customers who would not normally use Fonacab. Only customers with a discount card are eligible for a fare reduction in their fare."