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Diversity efforts 'fail to change proportion of women high earners in six years'

The proportion of women high earners has not changed for six years despite moves to increase diversity in senior positions, a study has found.

Only one in four people earning between £43,000 and £150,000 in each of the last six years are women, research showed.

Heidi Watson, of law firm Clyde And Co, which studied official data on higher rate taxpayers, said: "The stubborn refusal of the percentage of female high earners to shift upwards will disappoint those who hoped a recent focus on the gender gap would make a significant difference to the number of women in senior positions."

The report noted recent efforts to increase the number of women in senior jobs, including targets for the number of female board members.

Many businesses are setting aims such as having a 50% female workforce and bonuses tied to meeting diversity targets, the report added.