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Donnelly Brothers Garages Group, one of NI's largest dealerships

Company Report

The Donnelly Brothers Garages group is headquartered in Dungannon. The parent company consolidates the results of eight active trading subsidiaries with a range of different business outlets across Northern Ireland. The group is one of Northern Ireland's largest motor vehicle dealerships, holding 32 franchises.

The year to October 2016 reported a 12% further rise in annual turnover to reach £277m, a 50% increase in the last four years. The directors recognise that they face a continuing competitive economic climate. Their response to business risks is to avoid being too reliant on any one car manufacturer, offer strong customer service and after sales support, along with continued investment in their people and facilities.

In the last three years, the group has posted successive improvements in both operating and pre-tax profits.

Operating profits in the year to October last, at £2.6m, were significantly higher than in 2015. Each year, pre-tax profits have been lower than operating profits as provision is made for net interest costs of over £738,000 on the considerable financial facilities underpinning the business. Each year the group has incurred new spending on capital assets, partially offset by the sale of some capital assets. Capital spending in 2016 reached £1.6m offset in part by asset sales of £0.4m. Employment numbers have risen steadily to average 659.

In May 2016, subsidiary Donnelly Motorstore acquired the trade and assets of Gormley Motors in Omagh.

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