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Donnelly's top Italian job for UK Fiat sales

IT'S a real 'Fiat Accompli' for a Northern Ireland car showroom which recorded the highest volume of sales for two brands of Italian motors across the whole of the UK last month.

The Donnelly Group's Mallusk facility was awarded the title of top sales dealer by manufacturing giant Fiat in August.

The showroom, located on Mallusk Way in Newtownabbey, recorded the highest volume of sales for both Fiat and Alfa Romeo, as well as for the overall Fiat Group. As the official retailer of Fiat across Northern Ireland, the Donnelly Group has three additional Fiat showrooms in Dungannon, Eglinton and Enniskillen.

Sales director Eddie Black said that it's "incredible" that the Mallusk showroom is outperforming dealerships in larger cities such as London and Manchester.

"We have a fantastic relationship with Fiat, and indeed all our manufacturers, which means we can get the best deals on all models for our customers," he said.

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