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Drive to reduce administrative burden saves over £8m a day

The Government's drive to get rid of unnecessary paperwork is saving businesses more than £8 million a day, ministers announced today.

Almost £3bn has been saved this year after more than 280 changes to regulations, including digital tachographs for lorries, not having to test every spirit optic and making it easier to resolve disputes at work.

Business minister Ian Lucas said: “Simplification is making a real difference to the everyday lives of businesses, helping to make things as simple as possible, saving more than £8m a day, every day.

“Individual measures may look small but it is overall impact that adds up to real savings, and support from the business community has helped make sure that savings to businesses are felt on the ground.

“Delivering the right business environment to promote growth relies on creating a flexible regulatory framework that minimises costs to business but ensures essential protections and rights are in place. Better regulation, with simplification at its core, is making that possible.”

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