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Dunmurry online DVD retailer forced to close its doors

By Staff Reporter

A Belfast-based online DVD retailer which blazed a trail in the era has closed down. began operations in 1998 as Blackstar in Dunmurry and raised £10m in venture capital funding. It rebranded itself and was taken over by DCC in 2005.

Its last accounts said it had made a profit of just £945 on £106,678 turnover in the year to March 2015.

A year earlier, there had been turnover of £356,992 and profits of just £5m.

But its directors said that the position of the company at year-end was "unsatisfactory" and that the business no longer had a sustainable future.

Instead, some of the company's activities would be stopped while others would be transferred to other DCC Group companies.

In the 14 months to March 2006, turnover was £9m and pre-tax profit was over £610,000.

Dublin-based conglomerate DCC plc said it had no comment to make on the failure of the business. But it's understood the site itself closed down seven or eight months ago.

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