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Dyson loses energy labelling laws change legal case

By David Mercer

Dyson has lost its bid to change EU energy labelling laws after claiming some rival vacuum cleaners were achieving misleadingly good ratings.

Sir James Dyson, founder of the British technology firm, argued that vacuum cleaners were only tested when they were empty of dust which can "mislead consumers on the real environmental impact of the machine they are buying".

But in a ruling, the EU's General Court said it "dismisses Dyson's action in its entirety" because the company - best known for its bagless vacuum cleaner - had failed to show there were more reliable and accurate tests.

Last month Dyson launched legal action against rivals Bosch and Siemens alleging that they were misleading consumers in behaviour "akin to the Volkswagen scandal".

BSH Home Appliances, the parent company of Bosch and Siemens, announced it was taking legal steps against Dyson over the "unfounded and untrue" statements.

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