Belfast Telegraph

Dyson needs engineers

By David Elliott

I have a rubbish Hoover. Actually, that's factually incorrect because what I actually have is a rubbish vacuum cleaner but, given the success of the Hoover brand in penetrating that particular market, such a mistake is easily made.

And it seems that particular business isn't a vacuum, if you pardon the pun, for brilliant business heads given the results of Dyson.

It has seen its operating profits climb 9% over the last year to £206m, a move the company's founder James Dyson attributes to heavy spending on new research and the introduction of bladeless fans and eco-friendly hand dryers.

But of more worry is the fact Mr Dyson is concerned we're not producing enough engineers and feels he might have to look abroad to fill positions at its Malmesbury research centre. He could do a lot worse than turning to Northern Ireland where our reputation for producing fine engineers is second to none.

And hopefully they'll develop a Dyson that will do the vacuum cleaning for me.