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East Antrim Coastal Tourism hub has created dozen jobs

By John Mulgrew

A dozen new tourism and hospitality jobs have been created since the establishment of the east Antrim Coastal Tourism Hub, it has been claimed.

The announcement was made at the launch of the East Antrim Coastal Way map - the latest of a number of schemes aimed at boosting tourism in the area.

Kelli Bagchus, manager of Carrickfergus Enterprise, which operates the tourism-boosting organisation, said: "The east Antrim Coastal Tourism Hub has made a real impact on local communities through the creation of these 12 jobs, all of which are at small, independent businesses in the tourism and hospitality industry.

"We expect to see that number increase in the coming months as we launch the East Antrim Coastal Way.

"By highlighting our landmarks on the east Antrim coast, we will bring more tourists to the area and establish our local industry as a key contributor to the Northern Ireland tourism industry."

Alison Brennen, who operates rental accommodation close to a number of destinations on the route, said the "viability of our business depends on tourists coming to this area and staying here".

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