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EasyJet to boost female pilots after applications soar

By Vicky Shaw

Easyjet has pledged to increase the number of female pilots, setting a new target after receiving an increasing number of applications from women. It said it wanted 20% of new cadets by 2020 to be female, which it described as a "stretching" target.

Women make up 6% of easyJet's new pilot intake, and the airline has 164 female pilots, of whom 62 are captains, around 14% of the world's total.

The company named an aircraft after renowned aviator Amy Johnson, revealing it had received over 600 applications from women since launching a campaign a year ago.

EasyJet chief executive Carolyn McCall said: "I am delighted to be unveiling this specially-named aircraft after one of the most accomplished female aviators in history."

The chief executive said that she wants to help redress the balance of women becoming pilots through the airline's scheme.

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