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Eco-fashion and craft shop to open in Belfast

By Clare Weir

Northern Ireland's first 'eco-fashion' store is set to open next month.

The Boutique Souk will sell used, vintage and customised clothes and furnishings from ethical sources and will also feature a cafe with sewing machines.

There will also be regular sewing master classes and workshops running in store.

In keeping with the ethical theme, changing areas will be made from recycled pallets, various shop fittings will be made from old tyres and the bar area will be made from wine crates.

Founder of store, Alyson McElroy, runs an ethical events consultancy based in Belfast and has been running Fashion Souk events in the city for some time. "Our community already knows the importance of being green, but more people are realising that if we don't act now, it will be too late for future generations," she said.

Boutique Souk will open on March 1 on Castle Lane.