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EDF boss Vincent de Rivaz hails 'noble idea' of European Union

The boss of French energy giant EDF has backed the UK staying in the EU.

In a letter to employees in this country, chief executive Vincent de Rivaz said if he had a vote he would support the Remain campaign.

"I know our friends in France would welcome this boost for what we aim to achieve together. Ours is a huge shared task.

"I would do it with full respect for the other side of the argument and those defending it in good faith. I would do it taking into account all the elements, those related to the future of EDF Energy and those embracing the bigger picture."

Mr de Rivaz said he hoped the referendum will not divide the country beyond the vote.

"We more than ever need to address the big issues of our time: the migration crisis; poverty; fundamentalism and extremism; climate change and destruction of bio-diversity. We need to sustain our economic recovery .

"All of these require us to work together in an open, democratic and non-discriminatory way. Doing so means recognising the strong common culture that keeps us together, and defining in a positive way what we stand for.

"To conclude on a personal note, I know the EU is not a perfect family. But it is a noble idea. "