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Elite business minds offer their 'secrets of success' for free

Millionaire marketing coach, Bernadette Doyle, is bringing together a collection of elite corporate minds to give Northern Ireland business owners the benefit of their extensive knowledge, for free.

The ‘Selling to Corporates Success Summit’ is a series of virtual teleseminars that give entrepreneurs the chance to learn advanced techniques and strategies for attracting and winning lucrative corporate contracts.

The teleseminar is available online at from Monday 7 May and is something which Doyle feels will appeal to business owners who can be time poor or have a feeling of inertia in their business and need the right advice about reaching and selling to large companies in a fast and efficient way.

Bernadette Doyle said: “I started out with no budget or track record – yet within a few short months I was working for companies like Shell, Aviva, BT and others – and in every case they called me. Now I get to hang out with a billionaire and share business ideas.

“The experts on this telesummit can show how to go from a standing start to those sorts of business results.”

The list of people taking part in the summit includes some of the biggest names in marketing and business building; Diana Lowther, Ian Brodie, Angelique Rewers, Hannah McNamara, Penny Pullan, Tom Searcy, Pete Bennett, Ari Galper, Tony Parinello, and Doyle herself.

“I have gathered an unbelievable cast of elite business minds who are happy to discuss the processes and give insights into what has made them the successes they are today. For anyone who is really serious about succeeding in business this is an opportunity you cannot pass on.

“I know it can be difficult to get time away from your business so the telesummit is ideal as there’s no travel or stays in hotels involved - you can listen when and where you want.

“I know small businesses can struggle to break into big companies as they don't know how to get their foot in the door, and, even if they do get in – how to negotiate and close the sale when there are multiple decision makers involved.

“This telesummit solves that problem as it offers a wealth of knowledge and expertise from already successful businessmen and women who give practical, tried and tested, advice.”, said Bernadette.

Some of the topics which will be discussed include; the truth about getting higher fees from corporate clients (or what entrepreneurs don’t hear and should absolutely know to be successful); 5 must-know reasons why LinkedIn can land an entrepreneur big business accounts; a highly undervalued referral strategy business owners can use to get in front of their ideal corporate clients in no time, and much more.

Bernadette continued: “Many independent consultants and freelance business owners avoid corporate clients because they feel that they can’t connect as deeply with the people who need their services.

“I’m looking forward to showing them how to do just that by arming them with knowledge and advice that will generate truly astounding results.”

The ‘Selling To Corporates Success Summit’ series is free, and Doyle invites all entrepreneurs who are interested in selling to corporate clients, link in -

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