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Employers should have zero-tolerance policy on racism - TUC

Employers should have a zero-tolerance policy on racism in the workplace, following the increase in racist abuse since the European Union referendum, the TUC has urged.

Firms were pressed to have a system in place so workers could report discrimination or abuse.

The TUC said zero-tolerance and anti-discrimination policies should be promoted, such as Transport for London's well-publicised policy of prosecuting anyone who abuses staff.

TUC general secretary Frances O'Grady said: "Despite progress reducing xenophobia and racism in Britain, we are a long way from eradicating it. And the recent surge in racist incidents since the Brexit vote is deeply disturbing.

"We need to stand up for modern British and trade union values - respect for difference, dignity at work, and a deep opposition to racism and extremism.

"Trade unions have long been a part of the fight against racism, but we can and should do more - as should the Government and employers across the UK."