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Employment red tape a drag on job creation, new survey finds

By David Elliott

Employment law is holding back job creation in Northern Ireland. That was the finding of a survey released today by employers organisation CBI Northern Ireland and law firm McGrigors.

Almost half of the 140 businesses surveyed said the current level of employment legislation discourages job creation.

The report, "Unlocking Employment: A joint survey on attitudes to Employment Law among Northern Ireland Businesses", also found that 80% of employers believe employment legislation has made Northern Ireland a harder place to do business and that it has become 'overly burdensome'.

CBI Northern Ireland Director, Nigel Smyth believes that the results provide a "sound evidence base for policy decisions."

He said: "For the Northern Ireland economy to grow and generate new jobs, businesses need an environment where employment law and practice encourage job creation and modern employee relations.

"Yet we know from our members that employment law represents one of the most complex and challenging areas of regulation, which can act as a potential barrier to growth. This is especially pertinent at a time when the Northern Ireland economy needs the private sector to grow."