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Enercon renowned as a technological innovator in renewable sector

Wind turbine manufacturer Enercon has been active in Northern Ireland since 2008, when it installed its first E-48 turbine on the Ulster University campus in Coleraine.

The company is represented in Northern Ireland by regional manager for Northern Europe Robin Borgert Many prominent 'landmarks' have been supplied by the company since then, including the single turbine Balloo Wood in Bangor, the turbine at the Brett Martin factory on the edge of Belfast, and Carn Hill Wind Farm north of Newtownabbey.

Almost a fifth of the entire electricity requirement for Northern Ireland came from renewable sources in 2014, 18.3% of which was from wind energy.

This represents significant progress towards the Executive's target of 40% of its electricity consumption from renewables by 2020.

In addition, 2015 saw the highest levels of wind energy ever recorded in Northern Ireland, culminating in 630MW, 120MW of which were installed by Enercon.

Enercon began its road to economic and ecological success when engineer Aloys Wobben founded the company in 1984 in Aurich, Germany.

In the beginning, Enercon systems still featured gearboxes. However, in 1992 the change over to gearless technology came about.

This innovative drive system with few rotating components ensures nearly friction-free energy flow providing outstanding performance and reliability.

Mechanical stress, operating and maintenance costs are reduced, and the system's service life is increased.

Today, all Enercon wind energy converters are based on the company's tried and tested turbine concept and Enercon is now the global leader in direct drive turbine technology.

Enercon is also renowned for further technological innovation in the wind industry, including the new rotor blade geometry introduced in 2004.

This allows capturing 10-15% more energy from the same rotor diameter and generator rating than other turbine designs.

All Enercon systems feature full inverter technology fulfilling the latest grid connection requirements, including Northern Irish and Irish grid codes which are among the most demanding in the world.

To date, Enercon has installed more than 24,000 turbines with 38.5 GW rated capacity in more than 30 countries. It is the German and European market leader and number four in the world.

The company operates factories in eight countries and has more than 17,000 employees - 400 of whom are employed in Ireland and the UK.

Addressing energy production towards renewable energy sources is necessary to ensure a safe environment for future generations.

Investing capital in turbine structures rather than burning capital through fossil fuel keeps the money in the country and create jobs.

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