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Energy joint venture aimed at solar power market looks set to shine

Margaret Canning

By Margaret Canning

A joint venture in renewable energy is targeting the growing market for generating electricity from the sun.

Amber Green Solar - made up of Amber Green Energy and Global Solar Renewables - employs five people and hopes to take on another 10 later this year. The venture will focus on the solar photovoltaic market, which uses cells that do not require direct sunlight to work.

They convert sunlight into electricity which can be used for appliances and lighting.

Robert McNeill, sales and marketing director of Global Renewables Group, said: "There is a significant opportunity to build a solar market in Northern Ireland.

"With the application of renewable obligation certificates (ROCs), companies and domestic households can generate their own energy and receive payment from the government for it.

"With energy prices continuing to rise, generating energy through solar power is attracting a lot of interest."

He said Northern Ireland shared the same solar radiation as Wales, the Midlands, London and Munich - areas where large solar PV installations have taken place. Amber Green Energy is based in Moy, Co Armagh and Global Solar Renewables in Castlewellan, Co Down. The joint venture said it had achieved sales of £120,000 last month and expects to make £200,000 on three major commercial systems in July and August.

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