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Ensure you're LinkedIn to mine those golden network opportunities

LinkedIn is a social media network, which gets less press than perhaps it should.

Call it a poor relative if you will, but LinkedIn may well be the little gold mine for you — especially if you operate in a B2B environment.

It has been described to me as ‘Facebook for Business’, which I don’t agree with in full.

LinkedIn has always been the professional Big Brother of Facebook, in that, yes, it’s a social network — but it’s very much used by business people and has always had that air of professionalism, which even the biggest corporations are comfortable operating in.

If used correctly, SMEs can use LinkedIn to portray this professional image to other businesses operating in the sector — and I don’t mean just in Ireland, but worldwide.

Here are some LinkedIn tips:

  • When writing your personal or business profile, ensure you include keywords — they help people to find you more easily;
  • Search for groups associated with your industry/sector and join them. Read discussions and take part where you can — this will get your name and brand in front of your peers;
  • Search for groups associated with your target customers’ business sectors and monitor what’s happening there;
  • You can ask and answer questions on LinkedIn. Being seen to be active and knowledgeable makes people perceive you as an expert in your field.

Jill Culbertson is the director of NavajoTalk.com, the social media and digital marketing agency

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