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Entrepreneurs are non-conformist: report

New research has provided strong evidence that entrepreneurs have a natural flair for enterprise due to a learning style that does not conform to mainstream education, according to a report by academics.

Dr John Kelly of Fingerprint Learning and Dr Brian Cummins of Stranmillis University College said their research had important implications for parents, teachers and the education system.

The report is called 'Investigating the EntreBRAINeur' and studied the learning styles of 55 successful Northern Ireland entrepreneurs. Its findings are being discussed at a half-day conference on The 'EntreBRAINeur' at Stranmillis University College today.

They found right-brain dominance was the norm among their sample of entrepreneurs - in contrast to the 'left brain' abstract-type thinking favoured by the education system.

Dr Kelly and Dr Cummins said the experience of those they interviewed suggested parents and schools were often 'at a loss' about how to teach non-conforming pupils.

Dr Kelly said: "We need a bias in the education system towards those who can create jobs. Teachers must recognise the existence of right brain and left brain learners in class."