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Entrepreneurs nominate young people who could shape our future

Twenty-two of Northern Ireland's top science and technology entrepreneurs gathered at last night's Generation Innovation event to inspire 150 ambitious students nominated as 'most likely to succeed in the new economy'.

Key speakers at the event included David Perry, who recently sold his company to Sony for $380m (£238m) and Danny Moore, who sold Wombat Financial Software to the New York Stock Exchange for $200m (£125m).

Generation Innovation provides an exclusive support programme and network for young people who have the ambition and passion to forge their own high achieving career.

The 150 young people from across Northern Ireland became this year's exclusive members of Generation Innovation after teachers, parents and businesspeople were urged to nominate young people who could become future economic leaders.

The event provided students with the opportunity to be inspired by leading global innovators, to meet local technology company founders and like-minded young people, and to identify work experience positions and future career paths.

Each student also received a Raspberry Pi - a credit-card sized computer that plugs into a TV or computer keyboard.