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Event will be the catalyst for brand awareness

By Staff Reporter

Companies aiming to improve brand awareness can get expert advice next week at an event in Catalyst Inc in Belfast.

The event, Break Through the Noise: Create Value, Trust and Brand Engagement, is on May 25.

It's targeted at professionals and companies who want a better understanding of the changing digital marketing landscape and whether online 'influencers' can really enhance a brand in the long-term.

Organisers also hope to reach out to those in need of practical advice on how to engage the media and how to make social networking work more effectively for them.

It will be led by Pulse PR managing director Grainne McGarvey.

Ms McGarvey said: "I'm having this event because I noticed a shift in what companies perceive a successful launch to be.

"Now it may be deemed a success if a celebrity or high profile blogger writes about their products online, whereas before it might have been getting their launch covered in a more traditional way.

"I will be addressing whether this influencer engagement can truly add long-term value to a brand and if customers can trust what they read online, as well as looking at blogging and vlogging dos and don'ts.

"I will also cover fake news - what is it and how to prevent it and broadening this out to the media's role in reporting news."

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