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Ex-BHS boss acted in 'evil' manner: Field

By Shaun Connolly

Sir Philip Green acted in an "evil" manner towards BHS workers, Commons Work and Pensions Committee chairman Frank Field has insisted.

As a war of words between the two men escalated, Mr Field said he hoped to meet the head of the Serious Fraud Office and the Pensions Regulator to discuss the BHS affair.

Hitting back at claims from Sir Philip that the committee acted as a "kangaroo court" against him, Mr Field told the BBC: "It is just displacement therapy for him - facing up to the evil that he has done in destroying BHS jobs and pension fund liabilities, and a need now for him to do something about it, which is write that big cheque.

"This is the man that's responsible for the destruction of 11,000 jobs, putting 22,000 pensions at risk."

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