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Exporters in Republic air trade fears

By Sean Duffy

Exporters in the Republic are concerned about future trade relations with the UK after new figures yesterday showed a fall in exports from Ireland to the UK.

Exports to the UK declined by €162m (£135m) on a yearly basis. Irish import of UK products also slowed, down over €116m (£76m) compared to the January to April sequence for 2015.

Simon McKeever, chief executive, Irish Exporters Association, said: "It is not surprising that this could be related to the dramatic drop in the price of sterling since November last year.

"Given the outcome of the UK referendum on EU membership, this trade relationship may possibly get a lot more complicated.

"We have been trading with the UK for over 1,000 years and we will continue to have a strong bilateral trade relationship with it, albeit with potentially more costs and complications."

The statistics were released by the Central Statistics Office (CSO) in the Republic.

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