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Ex-Remploy staff set up enterprise

Former Remploy workers have used their redundancy money to open a social enterprise aimed at employing or training disabled people.

The venture will open in Morley, Leeds, West Yorkshire, today as a not-for-profit society, set up with support from The Co-operative Enterprise Hub.

Enabled Works Ltd was formed after 12 ex-Remploy employees each invested £5,000 to create a worker co-operative.

Managing director Tina Brown said the aim was to employ 40 people on contracts including electrical assembly, warehousing and storage.

Lord Mayor of Leeds Thomas Murray said: "A lot of hard work has been undertaken to make this new social enterprise a reality."

The Government has put in place an £8 million package of employment support for those affected by the Remploy factory closures, including a network of 200 personal case workers.

Morley and Outwood MP Ed Balls, said: "As a Labour and Co-operative MP, I'm delighted to have a new award winning co-operative factory, owned and run by the workers themselves, open in my constituency.

I'll continue to work with the team to make sure the Enabled Works co-operative gets the support they need to be a real success."