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Face of UK's worst boss revealed


The face of Britain's worst boss

The face of Britain's worst boss

The face of Britain's worst boss

With Margaret Thatcher's hair, Alan Sugar's eyes and Katie Price's lips, a mock-up image of Britain's worst boss has been released for all to dread.

The image was generated through a poll of 2,000 people, who were asked to pick out the characteristics.

People were most afraid of making eye contact with The Apprentice's Sir Alan, who received 41% of votes in that category.

Baroness Thatcher's hairdo was selected after 40% voted for the former Tory prime minister as the public figure with the hairstyle that best represented the power of the establishment.

Respondents said they would least trust Price (34%) when making a public announcement, prompting her mouth to be selected for the final creation.

The ears of Anne Robinson were used as she was named the worst listener, while Theo Paphitis's nose was included because those polled felt he would be the best person to sniff out fear in employees.

Gordon Brown's head finished off the face after he was voted the figure people would least like to come face to face with, securing 26% of the vote ahead of Simon Cowell (20%) and David Cameron (19%).

The research was commissioned to mark the official launch of giffgaff, a community-run phone service which uses the O2 network.

It advertises itself as an alternative to corporate excess, symbolised by a tongue-in-cheek caricature called The Man.

Mike Fairman, of giffgaff, said: "We wanted to recognise in a humorous way, that there is an alternative to joining 'The Man'."