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Facebook virtual reality firm Oculus Rift to provide stunning technology for Game of Thrones Belfast exhibition

A company which has just been snapped up for $2bn by Facebook will be providing the technology for an interactive exhibit as part of the new, improved Game of Thrones showcase coming to Belfast.

Visitors will be able to 'Ascend the Wall' from the HBO TV series in a cage at the new Oculus Rift interactive area, enhanced by sound effects, rumbling floors and a chill wind.

Those who tried it out spoke of a sense of vertigo as they apparently stood at the top of the 700ft high ice wall that protects the Seven Kingdoms.

Mario Aguilar of Gizmodo technology magazine said: "It was intense."

No wonder that Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg has just forked out $2bn for Oculus Rift, the company behind the technology.

The exhibition – which runs from June 11-15 at Belfast's Waterfront Hall – will give fans the chance to explore King's Landing and sit on the Iron Throne.

Focusing on the storyline and events of Season 3 – with a few surprises from the fourth season – the exhibition will feature over 100 original artefacts, including costumes, weapons, armour, set miniatures, storyboards and model dragons.

Game of Thrones is shot on location in Northern Ireland and is one of the most popular and successful fantasy TV series ever made.

Filming of seasons 1-4 took place in the Titanic Studios in Belfast and across various locations including Castle Ward, Inch Abbey and Downhill Strand.

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