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Farmers hooked on new sheep app

Sheep farmers can use their smartphones to communicate with a sheep's electronic ear tag thanks to new low-cost equipment from Countryside Services, FarmWizard, PTS and Phone Trader.

An app, which uses software developed by agri-IT company FarmWizard, is used on a rugged android smartphone with a Bluetooth stick reader.

The phone is paired to the stick reader using Bluetooth, enabling the user to add new sheep to an electronic flock book, record sales and deaths – and carry out other flock management operations.

Information recorded on the phone is then available on the FarmWizard website.

Sam Chesney, a beef and sheep farmer in Kircubbin, has already used the equipment. He said: "All parts of the solution are ideally suited for farming. The phone is rugged, the FarmWizard app is easy to use and links seamlessly with the stick reader."

John Black, Countryside Services UK sales manager, said: "The interest in this has been remarkable as farmers are seeing the benefit of not only the software but also a phone designed to survive in a farm environment."

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