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Female financiers earn 20% less

Women working in the UK financial services industry earned about 20% less than their male colleagues last year, it's emerged.

After taking into account experience, qualifications and different occupations within the industry, the average base salary picked up by female professions was about £14,800 lower than men's, said eFinancialCareers.

The disparity does not seem to have hit job satisfaction, with 43% of women claiming they were happy with their base salary, slightly more than men at 40%.

But 42% of women were willing to change jobs, with better prospects the main motivation.

James Bennett, global MD at eFinancialCareers, said: "We would all like to think that the gender pay gap in financial services is narrowing. But male-female income disparity persists."

Experts said the figures were a reminder of progress still needed.

Lady Judge, one of the City's best-known female directors, said: "I'm very surprised and disappointed to hear about these figures – especially given all of the serious work that is being done to smooth the way for women to have successful careers in the financial services industry."

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