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Festive party hangovers to cost the nation £888m

Hungover employees will cost bosses across the UK around £888m this festive period, according to a survey.

Hotel chain Travelodge’s research also says that 70% of workers will spend one working day nursing a hangover and over a third of British workers survive on just five hours of sleep in the lead up to Christmas.

Some 6,000 British workers were polled on their Christmas work function with just 23% of employers rewarding their workforce with a party compared to 38% last year.

Austerity and cutbacks may be signalling the end of the traditional party, with 47% of employees claiming they will be paying for their works do.

Further research findings revealed a quarter of British employees will call in ‘sick’ the morning after their Christmas works night out due to a raging hangover.

Only one in ten respondents said they would be honest and tell their manager they cannot come into work due to a hangover with 35% using the excuse of catching a bug or virus.

Respondents were also asked what hangover remedies they take to combat a hangover in work. The top five recommended cures were having a sneaky catnap, eating a fried breakfast, taking regular painkillers, drinking lots of cola or an energy drink or having a ‘hair of the dog’ remedy.

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