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Fijian coconut oil could help islanders

By Rachel Martin

Children living on the Fijian island of Batiki are set to benefit from the work of a social enterprise to sell coconut oil.

Tim McKee from Hillsborough had spent time in Fiji, and fell in love with the South Pacific island of Batiki.

Now he has joined with business partners to raise money on a Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign to increase production of the food product - which can also be used as a beauty ingredient. Social enterprise Bula Batiki hopes to help the residents of the remote island to make a better income by marketing their coconut oil.

The product is already stocked in four health food shops in Northern Ireland.

Mr McKee said he and his business partners were motivated by a desire to help the people living on the island, which was struck by a cyclone last year.

He said: "Everything there is about family and community. Bula Batiki belongs to the people of Batiki."

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