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Finalised awards shortlist boasts high quality entrants

By John Simpson

The shortlist for the 2015 Belfast Telegraph Business Awards has finally been completed.

The judging panel were asked to do their preliminary reading of the applications over the days of the Easter break.

Meeting the timetable meant that for some judges the holidays were interrupted while they wrestled with understanding the well-worded entries.

As in earlier years, the judges were pleasantly surprised by the variety and changing nature of the large range of aspirant entries. Far from being 'the same old same old' the diversity of entries can be described as 'more exciting and better informed'.

The Belfast Telegraph Business Awards seem to have an appeal to many business owners and managers.

Partly it is a challenge to themselves to tell a bigger audience about their achievements.

This year, some categories attracted larger numbers of entries than usual.

One or two categories attracted only a modest number of entries but even those groups demonstrated that even where there were fewer entries, these were buoyant successful businesses.

For me, in the midst of making a choice where choice can be invidious, my lasting impressions are, first, the sheer impressive nature of the entries outlining successful innovation and, second, the quality and initiatives demonstrated by the people who entered for consideration as Young Businessperson of the Year.

At the final presentations, we will have top quality people to commend and a select band who are winners.

The judges want to acknowledge the number of well presented applications.

The local economy is endowed with business talent that deserves our compliments.

John Simpson is the chairman of the judging panel for the Belfast Telegraph Business Awards

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