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Firm loses Russian roulette in vodka row

By Margaret Canning

Could an individual who's intoxicated by the party spirit tell the difference between vodka and Vodkat? A High Court judge certainly could, though it's unlikely he was called to the Bar to carry out his investigations.

The single 't' was significant enough for drinks giant Diageo to bring a court case against Intercontinental Brands over the latter's Vodkat, a mix of fermented alcohol and vodka.

Vodkat has a strength of 22% alcohol by volume as opposed to the minimum 37.5% of vodka.

Diageo yesterday reached a final settlement with ICB after a judge ruled that a brand name inspired by the word vodka, but which was not real vodka, was likely to confuse consumers.

A High Court ruling also means that vodka has joined champagne, whisky and sherry as a drinks name protected by law from lookalike brands.