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Firm targets emigrants for jobs back home

By Margaret Canning

Around 30 new jobs will be created over the next six months in the Belfast office of professional services firm, Ernst & Young.

The firm said it will be seeking five assurance specialists, two tax experts, one advisory specialist and at least 20 graduates for its Belfast base, which already employs 140 people.

In total, it will create 80 new jobs in its offices in Dublin, Cork, Limerick, Waterford and Belfast – and intends to target emigrants to lure them back to working on home soil.

Ernst & Young (EY) attributed its expansion plans to "significant client wins" as well as growing demand for its services. Revenue has grown by over 20% in the last three years, with almost half the growth experienced in the present financial year, EY said.

Mike McKerr, managing partner at EY Ireland, said: "We anticipate a tough operating environment for the foreseeable future – however, having grown our numbers employed on the island by 18% over the last two years, we remain determined to create jobs and invest in talent which is vital to the sustained success of our business and a direct contribution to Ireland's recovery.

"We aim to attract local talent but we are also reaching out to those who have emigrated to Australia, America, South Africa and beyond to 'come home' and build a future with EY. We have already commenced a targeted recruitment campaign in these locations."

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