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Firm's new app taps into social networking masses

By Margaret Canning

A company in Belfast has unveiled a new application to allow businesses to target potential customers who use social networking websites.

MiLyke uses the 'like' concept -by which Facebook users can indicate that they approve of statements or pages - to allow businesses to collect fans of a particular age and from a particular area. The company, which is based in the Northern Ireland Science Park, said its concept allows people to "engage directly with target markets, helping to build brand awareness and encourage customer involvement".

Stephen Houston, chief marketing officer at miLyke, said: "The business model was spun out of the idea that a company can have thousands of fans but if they aren't in the relevant geo-targeted demographic segments, they really are of little use.

"It's all about engagement and embedding yourself in online conversations, listening and responding to potential customers - which will ultimately increase potential sales."

Lucy Evangelista, a former Miss Northern Ireland who has started to use miLyke for her business Voodoo Modelling School, said: "The social media market is a noisy one and very difficult to penetrate, especially when you're a newbie - but the opportunities are endless once you have established a core 'fan' base."