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Fish Week reels in more seafood fans and more sales


Northern Ireland Seafood Week finishes this Friday

Northern Ireland Seafood Week finishes this Friday

Northern Ireland Seafood Week finishes this Friday

Over the next few days fishermen hope to catch diners' attentions with Seafood Week. In 2015, the eight-day UK-wide celebration run by SeaFish saw 850 businesses sign up, and saw a 'double-digit' increase in fish sales for the co-operative.

Seafood Week is currently on now and finishes this Friday.

The festival aims to encourage more people, to eat more fish, more often. Whether it's promoting seafood in the home, at a café, restaurant or at the chippie.

Co Down seafood restaurant Katch 27 was named The Food Awards Northern Ireland Restaurant of the year.

Award-winning chef David Cardwell opened the seafood restaurant in Kircubbin with his partner Leigh Gamble five years ago.

Yesterday he showed visitors to the Peninsula's Loaves and Fishes festival alternative ways to use monkfish, demonstrating how to panfry monkfish cheek.

He says every week is fish week at his restaurant and adds that he enjoys encouraging diners to give it a try by offering bite-sized tasters of fish dishes between courses. The complimentary amuse-bouches have included miniature fish tarts, squid and monkfish popcorn.

He said: "We offer the minature dishes between courses to allow people to try something different.

"A lot of people say they don't like fish but then try it and are surprised by how much they do.

"We make up small dishes that allow them to try something they might not order otherwise and if they like it we'll tell them what it is.

"For a lot of people it's about just giving it a try."

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