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Fishmonger nets supply contract for smoked salmon to Middle East

By Clare Weir

Belfast's oldest fishmonger has won its first business in the United Arab Emirates.

Kilkeel firm Rooney Fish served the smoked salmon from Ewing's at a recent dinner in Kilkeel for UAE customers who then placed a contract for the product.

The business in Dubai was announced by Crawford Ewing from the Shankill Road company, which has been supplying a wide range of fresh fish in the area since 1911.

"We were delighted to receive the call from Andrew Rooney to supply our new smoked salmon for their dinner and then to win business with their customers in Dubai," he said.

"While we've been smoking fish in Belfast for many years in our own kiln, mostly for high quality restaurants and hotels throughout Northern Ireland, the introduction of the smoked salmon from Glenarm Organic is a relatively recent development and it's proving to be a wonderful product that's attracting tremendously positive feedback especially from high-end retailers and foodservice operators in Britain and abroad.

"Glenarm Organic is providing us with a really wonderful product that's probably the best on the market.

"Invest NI, in addition, is immensely supportive particularly in terms of professional marketing and branding assistance.

"We've been helped to introduce the product successfully to potential customers in the US and Asia. Of course, there's much more that we need to do to turn the positive feedback into new business in these competitive markets," said Mr Ewing.