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Food firm dines out on success after research investment

A FOOD firm in Co Down is hoping to cash in its export chips after a major investment in research and development.

TS Foods, a family-run company in Castlewellan, already supplies convenience foods to supermarkets in the UK and Ireland.

Popular brands include TS Foods' foodworks and the Tony's Chippy range.

Invest NI said it had offered over £120,000 - part funded by the European Regional Development Fund - to help the firm boost its research and development and sales. The company itself has spent nearly £271,000 and now hopes to launch a new range of 'value added' products in the Republic and Great Britain.

Carol Keery, Invest NI's director of innovation, research and technology, said: "With enhanced capabilities the company can more effectively prioritise and speed up the development of new products to maximise export opportunities."

Joanne Molloy, the firm's commercial director, said: "We recognised that in order to drive sales outside Northern Ireland it was important to reorganise our planning and product development methods.

"This investment helped us to assess new opportunities and explore the potential for process improvements with our ingredients, packaging and equipment suppliers."